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Navi Mumbai Diagnostic Centre


Navi Mumbai Diagnostic Centre with an approximate area of 1500 sq.ft. is situated at the Financial Capital of India Mumbai.

  • Its is well equipped with state of the art medical equipment.
  • We provide accurate and precise medical diagnosis to people by specialist of all fields and nurses who take best care of them with close supervision.
  • A full range of advanced medical equipments have been supplied for effective patient diagnosis e.g. Computerized Pathological lab, Stress test. X-ray, Sonography and ECG etc.
  • One stop service for patients welcome, registration, health check up and get health check up results, serviced by physicians, nurses, medical technologists, centre office to assist laboratory electrocardiogram room and X-ray room are made available in the same area (Fully air conditioned) for quick and convenient medical diagnostic.
  • Mobile health checkup service is also made available which consists of highly experienced and dedicated mobile team.
  • " We at NMDC are committed to provide the best possible diagnostic facilities available with us"​

Annual or Periodic Health Check up

  • You feel fine: no aches or pains, no shortness of breath, nothing out of the ordinary. So why should u see our doctor ? Well, there are several reasons. A periodic health check up, can help prevent diseases before they ever take, hold or catch health problems at early stages when they are easier to control of cure before they occur hold or catch.
  • Some people may think that health check up will waste their time. On the contrary, it can definitely save your time because any abnormality found from the initial stages can be treated more easily and quickly and you will never regret with " too late for treatment".
  • Test can be conducted at the company office to save valuable time of the executive.​

Executive/ Corporate Health Check up

  • Medical check up for the employees of company that have made a contract with MDC for annual / periodic health check up.
  • Our coordinator will receive you at the reception on your arrival.
  • You will be taken care by the coordinator exclusively arranged for you.
  • You will be referred to the laboratory to give first blood sample.
  • Breakfast will be provided.
  • Ecg, X-ray will be referred to the Senior Doctor.

Pre Sea Medical Check up

  • D.G. Shipping, Govt. of India approved pre-sea medical check up for seafarers traveling on ships of various shipping companies.
  • Following tests are conducted in pre-sea medical check up.
  • Physical examination & complete medical history.
  • Pathological investigation (HIV, hbsag. HCV, Blood Sugar, Drug & Alcohol Tests).
  • Chest X-ray (P.A view).
  • Eye check up.
  • Electrocardiogram.
  • Any other tests as per the requirement.

Health check up for Insurance Co's

  • We are authorize as approved medical centre by Life Insurance Company.
  • Insurance can present all necessary documents and then use health check up service and get health check up result or have it sent to specified company.
  • Life insurance company like LIC, ICICI prudential, Allianz Bajaj, Aviva, MetLife etc. & General insurance companiess Like National, New India, Oriental & United India Insurance.

Mobile Health Check up

  • Being healthy is staying happy forever. Diseases free life is everyone dream and desire. Possessing Sound health helps for better performance, especially for high level executives. To keep ourselves healthy and to overcome to stress and strain, constant monitoring to our body through routine medical check ups is needed as prevention is better then cure.
  • Keeping this in mind Navi Mumbai Diagnostic Centre has launched mobile Medi – Check Van and it has mobile check up team, consisting of physicians, nurses, technicians, officers and health check up equipment, e.g. mobile portable x-ray m/c's and portable electrocardiograms for quick medical check up at your home/office, without wasting your precious working time and then providing the results by the earliest after medical check up.



K2/4, Sector 15, 16, Shopping Complex, Main Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703, India
Telephone: +91 22 2780 1023

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